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[ fic ] saturday

B1A4 | cnu/sandeul | PG | 1,500 w

a saturday spent together.
written for b1a4ss summer 2014

It starts at midnight with Junghwan clicking on a link and then another and another, hopping from one blog to another.

“For inspiration!” He shouts over to Dongwoo who is doing the dishes after letting them sit for five hours. They’d been playing a game of who could tolerate the dirty dishes longer and, of course, Dongwoo lost. They do this every weekend.

“You know what’s good for inspiration? A clean kitchen.”

He’s right about that, Junghwan looks up from his screen and beams at him. “Thanks, hyung. You’re doing such a good job.”

Dongwoo sighs and shakes his head with the barest hint of annoyance but smiles fondly. He’s almost done anyways, but it had to be said. Since it’s the weekend he wants to laze, to let someone else do the cleaning. Naturally, Junghwan is the same way. Besides, since they are at Dongwoo’s place this week, if they let the dishes sit until Monday he’ll end up washing them anyways.

Junghwan has his face two inches away from the computer screen when Dongwoo comes over after finishing up. He barely acknowledges Dongwoo when he rests himself against the arm of the chair.

“These look so good…”

“Yes,” Dongwoo answers tentatively as he eyes the never ending column of cupcake photos and corresponding recipes.



“Let’s make cupcakes tomorrow.” He turns to Dongwoo and smiles, batting his eyes ridiculously as if it’ll make a difference.

And then it’s midnight, it’s Saturday; here is the weekend.

Dongwoo likes to bake, if he didn’t he would have to seriously rethink his career choice. He just prefers to leave it mostly at school, or to days when Junghwan isn’t over. He needs to focus when he’s baking and Junghwan is distracting. (Or maybe, it’s the other way around.)

They head to the supermarket after breakfast, after Junghwan has won him over with kimchi scrambled eggs and fresh rice that Dongwoo can never be bothered to make in the morning. He promises to make fried rice balls for him to bring to school on Monday to sweeten the deal.

“And you’ll clean the kitchen after we’re done?”

“I’ll clean the kitchen.”

Dongwoo never stood a chance. He smiles, slowly, it spreads like oil on a pan. So even though it looks a little bit smug Junghwan can’t find a good reason to not kiss him.

The supermarket is a short walk away. There are plenty of eggs and milk and flour at Dongwoo’s place but they’re missing a few things and Junghwan insists they need, raspberries and sour cream and chocolate hazelnut spread.

“What, why?”

“Because you have fresh bread at home.”

It’s impossible to go to the supermarket for one thing. Junghwan drops a few things into the basket as they make their way through. Since they’re here already, might as well browse and make the most of it. It makes sense and it saves Dongwoo a second trip to the supermarket during the week. The only problem is that Dongwoo had stupidly taken a basket instead of a cart. By the time they’re browsing through jams and spreads it’s almost overflowing.

They’d just barely made it through a quarter of the store and the basket is seriously weighing Dongwoo down. He sets it down next to Junghwan and shakes his wrist out a bit.

“I’ll go get a cart, just wait here.”

“No, I’m done! We can go home,” Junghwan stops him before he can take more than one step. He takes one of the handles and looks at Dongwoo expectantly until he takes the other one. They don’t even set the basket down as they’re waiting in line. (It’s close enough to holding hands.)

They make it back to the apartment after the supermarket and after grabbing food to eat in. They make it back inside after Junghwan hands Dongwoo his bags so he can search Dongwoo’s pockets for his keys. He’d squirmed and giggled through the (too) brief struggle, it’s amazing nothing spilled or dropped.

He wonders if it’s something worrying that a trip the supermarket and a few tickles and a belly full of warm food is all it takes for him to feel lazy. It doesn’t take anything more than that to make Dongwoo want to set all the things they bought aside, wrap his arms around Junghwan and lie around, Junghwan’s warm back against his chest.

But then it’s like this every weekend. (Every weekend Junghwan stays over.)

“Do we have to make them now?”

“You said we would.”

Dongwoo reaches out to tug at Junghwan’s cheeks. “I don’t feel inspired.”

“Then it’s a good thing we have a recipe.”

Junghwan wins, he always does (though Dongwoo supposes he never really, really loses).

He has his hair pushed back in a cloth headband that he’d stolen from his sister as he ties Junghwan’s apron for him, just because. Junghwan claps his hands together and pumps his fist, ready to jump right into things, crack eggs and whip everything together in no particular order. Dongwoo can’t really stand to watch him work with the wet ingredients.

“Wait,” Dongwoo commands, arranging Junghwan to stand aside and out of his way. He carefully measures out the dry ingredients, eases them carefully into separate containers, and lines them up, displayed so neatly Junghwan thinks he’s live in a cooking show.

“Sift it together,” Dongwoo tell him, before he moves away with everything else.

Junghwan is good at cooking, actual food; stuff not cakes and pastries, things that he can change impulsively and without consequence as he makes them. It’s his art, like splatters of bright colour on a canvas but his canvas is a plate and his paint is food. And maybe baking is like that too, but baking is also a science and Dongwoo is meticulous.

“I’m done,” Junghwan tells Dongwoo, drops his chin on Dongwoo’s shoulder and peeks around him. The electric mixer is whirring as Dongwoo cracks his eggs and measures out the sour cream and vanilla.

He turns just a little, enough to touch his lips to Junghwan’s nose. “Okay, now wait.”

It’s an easy recipe, so it’s fine if he’s a little distracted.

And Junghwan is too, distracted. He kisses Dongwoo with one eye fixed on the butter and sugar.

“Is it fluffy yet?”


Bake at 175C for 20 minutes, the over light is on so that Junghwan can peer in periodically to watch the cupcakes rise from runny to cakey. Junghwan drops the bowls and dishes into the sink but keeps a spatula, alternating between licking it and trying to get Dongwoo to.

Dongwoo dodges the drippy spatula as he works on the frosting until Junghwan lands a raw batter kiss on his cheek, it’s sticky and it’s sweet.

The consistency of the frosting is about right and the cupcakes would be done in another five minutes; he’s been distracted long enough. He sets the bowl down and wipes his cheek and he smiles. Slow, like drizzling honey, it’s a little smug but Junghwan is grinning right back when Dongwoo pins him to the counter and kisses him properly.

It’s sticky and sweet. Dongwoo doesn’t really like uncooked batter but Junghwan’s lips are soft and warm so he puts up with it for now. It gets all over his lips and on his cheeks and chin. He pulls back before Junghwan can get it on his neck.


“Are you calling me gross?”

“Yes,” Dongwoo tells him with a laugh, and that earns him a sharp nip at his jaw.

His arms are around Junghwan’s waist, and if the oven timer did not go off just then he would have slipped his fingers under the apron and under his shirt. He would have anyways if Junghwan didn’t have his mind on something else, something warm and soft and sweet.

“Oh! They’re ready.”

“Oven mitts, Junghwan.”

They need to cool before they can top them with frosting but Junghwan is happy with the little yellow cupcakes dotted with fat raspberries. They’re way too hot, Junghwan’s solution is to pass the cupcake from one hand to the other, almost juggling it while Dongwoo just quirks an eyebrow at him.

Dongwoo doesn’t tell him to wait.

Junghwan peels the paper down and takes a bite, almost hissing and probably burning his mouth a bit.

“So good, hyung.” His mouth is probably too full to form a longer sentence so he just goes for a group hug: him, Dongwoo, and the cupcake.

“I love you.”

Dongwoo laughs, gets his arms all the way around Junghwan again. “You love the cupcake.”

“No, hyung. I love you.”

It’s 4PM when they finish icing the cupcakes, Junghwan promptly picks one up to take a picture and pulls Dongwoo into it too before wandering off to slowly enjoy it on the couch.

He posts the photo on twitter and writes just two words underneath.

six months

Dongwoo drops his head into Junghwan’s lap and beams up at him.

“What’s for dinner?”

Junghwan smiles and feeds him a bite of cupcake without frosting. “Wait.”
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